Remaking a Country Home from the Inside Out

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It all started when…

It all started when a lovely couple contacted me to ask if they could come into the design studio to discuss a project they had in mind for their home. That chat has lead to a complete "rebuilding" of a country home for this couple and their blended family.

What was just going to be bits and bobs...a fluff and puff turned into eight months of construction including engineers, an architect, every trade you could possibly have on a job, and all the while my team is coordinating fabric, furniture, carpets, light fixtures...all from across the globe...literally!  Phase one was complete by Thanksgiving 2017 as per our order. 

Now comes the layering!  More furniture, lamps, art...all the trappings that make a house a home. I hope you enjoy seeing the before, after, and during photos! 

The best part of this design challenge is I have made two great lifelong friends in the process. It is rare when the clients greet you at the door (after a hour plus drive)to tell you what has been prepared for luncheon, omplete with cupcakes and the BEST Champagne cocktails I have ever had!  Such with alot of style!

This home is a prime example of what I tell so many clients.  A great home evolves, layered, collected, and curated.  That cannot be accomplished in a few buying trips. My hope is when everything is in place they will continue to make this home their their own personal style. For me this is the meaning of home. At the end of the day, all roads lead you home.







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